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Since 1999, Accutint has provided businesses and homeowners with window tinting services to protect their property from harmful UV rays, provide a defense against burglaries, reduce glare, and provide a more comfortable environment. In addition to window tinting services for businesses and homes, we also provide automobile window tinting services. Hiring Accutint to service your vehicle's window tinting needs will give you many benefits, including a reduction in glare which will provide a safer driving experience, a cooler interior during the hot summer months, and privacy.

We use some of the best tinting products in the industry, allowing us to give you the utmost professional and high quality workmanship possible. We proudly serve Kent, Medina, Renton, Burien, and the surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Products & Services

Automotive Window Tinting - Window tinting enhances the appearance of any vehicle and makes every drive safer by minimizing glare from the sun. We apply premium window tinting to any car model, customizing each application to the client’s vehicle to ensure a perfect finish.

Commercial/Residential Window Tinting - Our window tinting services allow homeowners and business owners to have greater control over the temperature of their homes and businesses, as well as protect assets within from sun damage.

Boats & RV Window Tinting - Operating a boat can be dangerous if glare reflects off the water and into the driver’s eyes and RV drivers can’t swerve to avoid a possible accident as quickly as car drivers can if they can’t see due to glare. Our highly experienced team members can help make any boat or RV adventure safer and more comfortable for all on board.

Wraps, Graphics & Striping - Transform any vehicle into an advertising statement piece for a business! You can also use our graphics to make a personal declaration of yourself. We work closely with clients to deliver personalized enhancements to meet their needs.

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Dirt and debris can wreak havoc on a car’s paint job, causing unsightly scratches. We use the finest film available to provide vehicles the best protection against dirt and debris. Our highly experienced and meticulous team can create a custom fit for each vehicle we service.

Smoked Lights - Easily add an updated look to any vehicle via our professional team’s skillful headlight tinting application services. Do not risk ruining your taillights in an attempt to make your own smoked light effect. Let the professionals at Accutint help!

Detailing - Our team specializes in restoring the dulled or faded paint of cars and can buff the scratches from past car washes out of a vehicle’s paint. Take advantage of our deals to add an even greater value to any vehicle.

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